An update on the after school sport events that have been happening this week at Diptford:-
Evening One – 30 November 2015 Hockey 
Another great evening of stick smashing. We won one, drew one and lost one!

During the evening we had lots of comments from  club coaches about the teams progression. There will be letters coming out soon inviting the children to attend the Dart Hockey Club held on Monday evenings.
Fingers crossed for next week – the last match for this term, there’s still a chance we could win the plate!

Evening Two – 1 December 2015 – Football Central League Round 3 – History!
We arrived at KEVICC with 20 players! I had two teams allocated thinking we might just get 14 players wanting to come. However, the girls started a domino effect and we ended up with a team made up of just girls! According to Sam Lyndon ‘We made History!’ having an all girls team. Fair-play to them they were great!
Team A and B were also great: winning a few, drawing a few and losing a few! One of the draws was against each other!
Football 2
Watch out for the Table Tennis club starting next week!