Thank you to FODs for our Amazing New Maths Resources!

The Diptford Diplomats, children and all the staff would like to say a huge thank you to FODs (Friends of Diptford) for funding class sets of maths resources.  We are thrilled and are already using them to help us with our learning in maths.

Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 149


 The Diptford Diplomats!

Spring 2016


This half term we are collecting pupil’s opinions about our school by conducting an online survey. We have been working with Alex Mack from Resource Futures to help improve our school’s recycling systems and reduce the amount of rubbish we create.  As part of this, each class has a ‘Little Rotter’ compost caddy monitor to collect fruit waste. We are also organising cake stalls to raise money for role play equipment for our reception class.

Pupil Survey Results


We created an online survey to get pupil’s opinions of our school.  During lunchtimes and break times we invited all pupils to participate in the online survey.  Seventy eight children participated in the survey in total.  Here is a summary of the results:

-87% of pupils said they usually or always enjoy their learning in school.

-94% of pupils said that a teacher helps them if they are struggling with the remaining 6% saying sometimes.

-98% of pupils always or usually enjoy their school lunches

-92% of pupils always or usually feel safe in school

-95% of pupils feel they are respected always or usually with the remaining 5% saying sometimes.

-92% of pupils say that behaviour is always or usually good with the remaining 8% saying sometimes.

Please click the link below for a full copy of the Pupil Survey findings.

Pupil Survey Response Data for sharing

Waste Audit Results 

black bin bag

An audit of one day’s school waste was undertaken on 2nd March 2016 by Demelza Annison, Class 2 and Mrs Neil.

On the basis of the one day audit, the following summary figures were produced:

-2.68kg mass of waste our school sends to EfW/landfill in one day
-34.4g mass of waste the school sends to EfW/landfill per pupil per day 11.34kg mass of organic waste per day
-81% of the school’s waste IS BEING recycled or composted

Congratulations to Diptford Primary School for reducing residual waste by 84% and increasing recycling / composting rates by 30%!

first waste audit pie second waste audit pie

Following this audit, it is estimated that Diptford Primary throws away 563kg of residual waste per year. This is a huge reduction since the first audit – 84% less rubbish going to EfW (Energy from Waste plant)!The total amount of waste produced, including all recycling and composting, has also reduced by 58%. / composting rates have increased from 51% to 81% – largely due to the new system of collecting food waste for composting in the playground at break times and from the kitchen and dining hall at lunchtimes.

Waste audit 2
waste audit 2 recording

food waste from hall