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Your teacher is Miss Setter.

You have Mrs Mills as a teaching assistant every morning, Monday to Wednesday.

This page will inform you about what we have been learning. You will also find a section at the bottom of the page which has the key dates and important information on it.

We hope you enjoy reading about our amazing learning journeys!

For more information about learning in Kingfishers class, please see our weekly Diptford Diary and our regular updates on our Facebook page.


This week Sparkle went home with Matilda for always being resourceful and reflective in her learning.

Sparkle is our class mascot who loves children that always try their best in the classroom and around the school.

Each week, the child who has demonstrated this attitude, gets to take Sparkle home for an adventure and write about it in the journal.

Accelerated Reader

We have read a total of


In maths we have been exploring place value and using our resourcefulness to solve problems. We have used our CAPED learning to support our understanding in maths and have, in particular, been focusing on using counters and drawings.

We are now moving on to addition and will start to look at some formal methods to help solve a range of calculations.

Can you get your words in your writing this week?



The text we have been immersing ourselves in this half term is a picture book called ‘Chalk’.

We have enjoyed creating our own facial expressions in the style of the book and used these to support our learning about expanded noun phrases. We have also been learning about main clauses, subordinate clauses and subordinating conjunctions, and how we can use these to create multi-clause complex sentences.

We are now planning and writing our own stories in the style of chalk whereby when an item is moulded or drawn, it comes to life. We are excited to share our stories with the younger children in the school once we have finished them!

Stone Age to Iron Age


In geography, we have been looking at maps of the UK. We have marked Stone Age settlements that still exist today on maps and have considered the reasons why people chose different locations to live in during the Stone Age time.

D & T

As part of our Forest School, we have tried to create our own Stone Age houses and have used a variety of materials to try and replicate what people would have had to do.

We have also been using our food technology skills to make our own Stone Age bread, as well as, normal bread. We then performed food tests and compared how bread has changed over time. The best bit was getting to eat the bread!!


As part of our topic, we are going to be looking at the history of Cave Paintings and are going to try and recreate our own cave with cave paintings using a variety of artistic skills, including paint mixing and trying to create textures with different materials.


In history, we have been looking at who the Stone Age people were and their way of living. We have looked at their houses and nutrition in more detail and found researching in to Skara Brae particularly interesting. We created our own newspaper reports about Skara Brae as if we were the first people to discover it – why not come in and look at them!

More learning we are proud of


In PE we have been learning about line dancing and where it originates from. We have watched different cowboys perform their routines and have even learnt several of the dance moves.

We used a dice to help us randomly generate a class dance that we are now busy practising and perfection before we perform it to the rest of the school.


We now know how to talk about the people in our family and how many members we have in them.

We have also looked at our body parts and have fun practising and remembering them by playing the French version of ‘Simon Says’!

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Key Dates

25th September – Cycling (after school)

28th September  – Quad Kids Athletics (during school time)

3rd November – Tag Rugby (during school time)

Key Information

  • PE days are Tuesday and Thursday

  • Forest School is on a Thursday

  • Children need to bring in fresh fruit for their snack

  • Water bottles can be brought in and kept in the classroom for children to drink throughout the day

  • Spare homework sheets are in the clear folders in the cloakroom