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Your teacher is Miss Setter.

You have Mrs Mills as a teaching assistant every morning, Monday to Wednesday.

This page will inform you about what we have been learning. You will also find a section at the bottom of the page which has the key dates and important information on it.

We hope you enjoy reading about our amazing learning journeys!

For more information about learning in Kingfishers class, please see our weekly Diptford Diary and our regular updates on our Facebook page.


This week Sparkle went home with Edward for his amazing improvement in his attitude to learning. Super work Edward!

Sparkle is our class mascot who loves children that always try their best in the classroom and around the school.

Each week, the child who has demonstrated this attitude, gets to take Sparkle home for an adventure and write about it in the journal.

Accelerated Reader

We have read a total of 1,731,717 words!!

Year 3

Please practise the spellings that are NOT highlighted on your spelling list.

Year 4

Please practise your spellings from your individual spelling lists.

Can you get your words in your writing this week?


We now moving on to learning about shape, position and direction and are going to be exploring translations and coordinates.

We have continued to use ‘CAPED’ to develop our thinking and reasoning skills and have now created a new poster in our classroom that lets us showcase our names if we have challenged ourselves to ‘CAPE’ our work. When we use ‘CAPED’ we also get to wear our special class capes to help us focus and feel extra proud of our achievements in maths. Ask us if we have ‘CAPED’ our work this week!

The UK and Europe

Our topic for the Spring term is the UK and Europe.


In geography, we have been looking at the location of different countries and what region of Europe they are in. We have also explored the different flags of each country and have spoken about the similarities and differences between them.

D & T

We have been exploring some of our European countries in more detail and have researched the different cuisines of different places. This has includede some food tasting which has been very exciting. So far, we have had food tasting from France and Italy.

In our French day, we tasted foods like, French Onion Soup, Cheese, Baguettes, Crepes and even Snails!! I think the crepes definitely came out as the favourite food of the day!!

In our Italian day, we made our own fresh pasta and had to work in teams to flatten and cut our dough. We also made a fresh ragu and had the chance to cut and peel our vegetables before cooking. Once we had finished, we were able to take some pasta and ragu home to share with our families and try!


We are exploring the work of a local artist, Kate West and seeing how she adapts maps of places in to personalised pieces of art. We are going to be creating our own version of a personalised map in the next few weeks.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

More learning we are proud of


In PE we have been learning about line dancing and where it originates from. We have watched different cowboys perform their routines and have even learnt several of the dance moves.

We used a dice to help us randomly generate a class dance that we are now busy practising and perfection before we perform it to the rest of the school.


We now know how to talk about the people in our family and how many members we have in them.

We have also looked at our body parts and have fun practising and remembering them by playing the French version of ‘Simon Says’!

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Key Dates

Key Information

  • PE days are Monday and Wednesday
  • Children need to bring in fresh fruit for their snack (Y3 no longer receive free fruit)
  • Water bottles can be brought in and kept in the classroom for children to drink throughout the day
  • Spare homework sheets are in the clear folders in the cloakroom