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Your teacher this year is Miss Setter and your teaching assistant is Mrs Mills.

This page will inform you about what we have been learning. You will also find a section at the bottom of the page which has the key dates and important information on it.

We hope you enjoy reading about our amazing learning journeys!

For more information about learning in Kingfishers class, please see our weekly Diptford Diary and our regular updates on our Facebook page.


This week Sparkle went home with Lacey for her superb attitude to learning and always persevering to challenge herself. Good work Lacey!

Sparkle is our class mascot who loves children that always try their best in the classroom and around the school.

Each week, the child who has demonstrated this attitude, gets to take Sparkle home for an adventure and write about it in the journal.

Accelerated Reader

We have read a total of 1,731,717 words!!

Year 3

  1. girl
  2. laugh
  3. must
  4. their
  5. there

Year 4

  1. complete
  2. favourite
  3. learn
  4. popular
  5. special


We are exploring multiplication and division in maths at the moment. We have learnt different methods that can help us solve multiplication calculations and are now learning different methods for division. We have also been working on our presentation and ‘double checking’ skills to help us know if we have used the correct method and have the correct answer or not. This has help our speed and efficiency of calculating.

We have continued to use ‘CAPED’ to develop our thinking and reasoning skills and have now created a new poster in our classroom that lets us showcase our names if we have challenged ourselves to ‘CAPE’ our work. When we use ‘CAPED’ we also get to wear our special class capes to help us focus and feel extra proud of our achievements in maths. Ask us if we have ‘CAPED’ our work this week!

Trains and Journeys

Our first topic for the autumn term is Trains and Journeys.


In geography, we have been looking at different maps and their symbols. We have also practised giving grid references alongside our knowledge of compasses and directions. We looked at how to use compasses and what they do. Once we had done this, we challenged our friends to some tricky direction problems!


In history we have been learning about the life of Isambard Kingdom Brunel and the work he did. He designed and built the Royal Albert Bridge which is the bridge trains used when travelling across the river Tamar from Devon to Cornwall. We have written our own fact files about him which we are now going to be using to help us explore some of his work in more detail.

We have created a presentation all about the history of trains and are very excited about what we have learnt. We are going to be presenting our group work to the rest of the class to allow us to share our information we collected and create a class display, full of amazing and interesting information.


We have now finished creating our amazing Railway Posters for different places around the world. We had to use all of the different techniques we have learnt across our art topic to create our final design. We are now self and pee evaluating our work to make sure we have understood what a railway poster is and to help us improve our artwork for next time. We have created an exhibition of our work above our train track in our classroom – why not come in and have a look?


The Beasties

We have been learning all about our new book, The Beasties, and have practised remembering the story by heart. We have also looked at the individual beasties and have used their attributes to create our very own beastie. We have rehearsed how they speak and have discussed where they have come from and what their job is. We then had the opportunity to draw our beasties which we then used as a stimulus to help our imagination when writing our super complex sentences.

We have completed some shared writing about Miss Setter’s own beastie that we helped her create. We helped her write her own beastie story and are now looking forward to creating our own stories for our own beasties.

More learning we are proud of


In PE we have been learning about different passes in netball and have been playing lots of teamwork and agility games. These have made us work as a team and think about tactics. It has really helped us build our physical skills. We are going to be progressing our learning in to shooting next week.


Wow! We have been superstars in French so far this term! We can now greet people by saying hello and goodbye, we can ask someone their name (and reply), ask someone their age (and reply) and ask someone how they are feeling (and reply)! We are building to our conversations each week and have already began thinking about what could come next.

Also in French, we have been learning some fruit and vegetables and are currently learning a new song about fruit and vegetables to help us learn and remember them.

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Key Dates

Key Information

  • PE days are Monday and Wednesday
  • Children need to bring in fresh fruit for their snack (Y3 no longer receive free fruit)
  • Water bottles can be brought in and kept in the classroom for children to drink throughout the day
  • Spare homework sheets are in the clear folders in the cloakroom