Hawks flew over to Dartington Hall this week, with help from some very kind parent volunteer drivers which was very much appreciated!  Many thanks to all the parents who took time out of their day to drop us off and pick us up.

The weather was kind to us and the children enjoyed a full day of outdoor learning.  We were able to see the deer in the deer park on our way to and from the woodland area, where the children enjoyed an archaeological dig experience and a mapping activity.

During the archaeological dig, the children found many historical artefacts including gun shot shells, coins, flints stone from stone age times, clay pipes, belt buckles and even an Iron from Victorian times!  The children placed their finds on a historical timeline and talk about what could be learnt from the artefacts, they came to the conclusion that in the past the area has mainly been used for farming and hunting.  In the mapping activity, the children learnt how to read and use four figure grid references and used a compass and map to navigate their way through the woods.

They saw the river Dart, heard the steam train and could even see across to the church at Staverton. Can your child tell you what the two different church symbols mean on a map?  After a much needed lunch break, Hawks burnt off steam in the adventure playground before heading back to school.  What a wonderful day we had!

If you are interested in visiting Dartington as a family, they have a free family day this Saturday called ‘Bugs, birds and butterflies’, fliers were sent home this week or for more info visit their website:  https://www.dartington.org/