The children have been enjoying their Thursday PE sessions with Saints South West Matt Tanner.


Years 5 & 6 Quad Kids Athletics 5th October 2018


Years 3 & 4 Quad Kids Athletics 28 September 2018

Cycle Cross Tuesday 25 September 2018

On the 25th September, a large group of KS2 children went armed with their bikes to a cycling competition held at South Dartmoor Community College. They had to navigate their way around a tricky course but persevered well and came home with some incredible results. There were between 50 and 70 pupils in total in each race so we are immensely proud of the children who represented our school. The final results were:

Y3 Girls
Matilda – 4th
Anwen – 9th
Ellie – 14th
Y3 Boys
William – 18th
Maddoc – 33rd
Y4 Boys
Silas – 15th
Luca – 22nd
Y5 Girls
Molly – 7th
Y5 Boys
Josh – 27th
Luke – 29th
Y6 Boys
Oliver – 36th


BASKETBALL Round 1 – 19 SEPT 2018


TAG RUGBY for Years 3 & 4 and 5 & 6 – Newton Abbot RFC – Wed 04 Oct






RE and Art Fortnight

As a school, we explored Religious Education through English and Art for a fortnight before the Easter break. Here is a summary of some of the learning and activities each class participated in:

Class 1 – Class 1 discussed places that are special in our lives and why they are special. The children created beautiful oil pastel pictures of those places with bright and colourful collage borders.

Class 2 – Class 2 focused on Holy Week. They considered the feelings Christians would have felt during Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. To help children learn about this time, they performed drama, wrote diary entries and portrayed the feelings (using colour) Christians might have felt during this week into a triptych art form. The children’s fabulous art is now up in class 2’s entrance.

Class 3 –Class 3 used the gospels relating to Holy Week as the text for their English sequence, looking at the differences in the structure and grammar of the language. In Art, they designed and made a piece to answer the question ‘What does Jesus’ death mean to me?’ The range of media and the depth to which the children considered this question was quite awe-inspiring.

KS1 Multi Skills Festival at KEVICC On Tuesday, the children in Year 1 and Year 2 took part in a KS1 Multi Skills Festival at KEVICC. It was a fantastic event organised and run by the PE staff and pupils at KEVICC. Our children were a real credit to Diptford School as they participated incredibly well, demonstrating fabulous skills in catching, throwing, kicking and balancing. They also demonstrated super levels of determination, concentration and team work and an all round positive attitude to the activities. Miss Higgs was really proud of them all and thoroughly enjoyed the morning with them. Well done boys and girls!


Handball Finals Years 3 & 4

On Wednesday, 9 children attended the Handball Finals held at South Dartmoor Community College. The competition was fierce, but our year 3 and 4 children held their ground and put on a dazzling performance! To put it into context, the score between us and the overall champions was 5-6… Staggering performance considering the size of Diptford Primary School.
The children wrote: ‘we really enjoyed the day and were so happy to beat South Brent, (as they always beat us!) we came 7th out of 9, but initially 48 teams entered the competition so we think we did really well.’

Handball Competition Years 3 & 4

Well done to both teams we came 2nd and 3rd – all the other schools that attended were 3 times the size of ours… also well done Mrs Richards and Dayment for all your hard work training our year 3s and 4s up in handball

Everyone was brilliant!
Finals next Wednesday at South Dartmoor


Handball Competition Years 5 & 6

This term Year 5 and 6 have been focussing on Handball in their PE lessons taught by Mrs Dayment. This evening two teams represented Diptford at the Totnes Learning Community competition held at KEVICC. Mr Nute was overwhelmingly impressed by the individual and team performances -both teams demonstrated that they have been doing some great learning during their lessons. Every child, including Ruby-Rose year 3 who stood in at the last minute, put in 100% effort.  This paid off as Diptford came 3rd and 4th places against some tough competition. One of the highlights was seeing the children working so well as a team and consistently supporting each other. Keep up the hard work Diptford.

RSPB visit February 2017

On Thursday we were very lucky to get a visit from the RSPB. Directed and helped by some bird experts we did a ‘school bird count’, which surprisingly saw a wide variety of birds visiting our school – we will be entering this data into the national RSPB audit. Their talks wrapped up the learning we have been doing in school about birds.

Year 5 Able and Talented Workshop 2017

               Well done to those children who attend the Able and Talented workshop which was organised by Torquay Boys’ and Girls’ Grammar Schools.  Students spent the morning on a rotation between three workshops in Mathematics, English and Science.  Boys attended activities at Torquay Boys’ Grammar and the Girls attended at Torquay Girls’ Grammar.

The children enjoyed participating in this enriching experience.


Willy Wonka Day 2017

The children of Dipftord C or E Primary school certainly enjoyed their first day back at school after the Christmas holidays!  To their surprise, they discovered that their playshed had a new tenant in residence and it was none other than Mr Willy Wonka himself!  Mr Wonka had written the children a letter to explain that he would be letting out the shed for the rest of the school year, as he needs extra invention space for his factory.  Mr Wonka went on to tell them that his rent would consist of 5 Golden Tickets paid over the course of his Tenancy as long as they in turn agreed to help share their learning with the Oompa Lumpa’s .  Willy Wonka reported that he was concerned about their education at the factory, particularly their writing skills. As an extra special treat Mr Wonka put on a fabulous day of activities for the children, they designed their own sweets and chocolate bars, investigated thermal insulators and made containers to help prevent ice cream from melting and they wrote poems inspired by their imaginary journeys down chocolate rivers to try and help improve the Oompa Lumpa’s vocabulary. Acting Head of School Dawn Neil stated that the children had a truly splendiferous day as Willy Wonka would say.   All the children worked well in cooperative vertical groups including children from reception to year 6 and were fully engaged in the creative and exciting activities which teachers had prepared for them. All pupils and staff at Diptford C of E Primary School look forward to working with Mr Wonka and the Oompa Lumpa’s during the rest of the school year.  Hopefully, the pupils will earn the Golden Tickets and receive a fizzbanging surprise for their efforts as promised by Mr Willy Wonka!


Children in Need 2016

What a fantastic effort all the children and staff put into dressing up, every one had a great day, playing various games, although throwing wet sponges at Mr Nute and Mrs Dart was particularly enjoyable by the children, mmm I wonder why?

Total amount raised £107.17

children-in-need-2 children-in-need-3 children-in-need-4 children-in-need-5 children-in-need-6 children-in-need-7 children-in-need-8

Diptford celebrates 150 years!

We have had great fun celebrating the school reaching its 150th anniversary. The events began with a service of Thanksgiving in the church and finished with a fete in the school playground. The school managed to speak to ex-pupils, teachers, headteachers and rectors and put together a short history of the school which you can get from the school office if you didn’t get chance to read.

The whole school spent the day dressed as Victorians and they learnt about what school life would have been like during Victorian times:

all dressed upIMG_6691IMG_6705imageimageimageimage

The children learnt about how toys have changed or stayed the same over the last 150 years. Pupils enjoyed exploring a range of Victorian playground and table top games plus some traditional games from the 1940s. Favourites included yoyos, hoops, skittles, spinning tops, zig-zag car racer, Knuckle-Down, a very entertaining table-top egg and spoon race and a beautiful Edwardian dolls’ house. Some pupils enjoyed making their own spinning tops and hobby horses. The hobby horses were put through their paces in a series of polo tournaments.

IMG_6696 IMG_0029 IMG_0008 IMG_0003IMG_6736IMG_6737IMG_6738

The teachers surprised the children with a Fashion Show, demonstrating how clothes and fashion have changed over the last 150years.

IMG_0347 IMG_0251 IMG_0227 IMG_0213 IMG_0159

Shelley Palmer created our fantastic timeline that runs up the stairs to the Library. It marks key moments at Diptford Primary School from 1865 to 2015. Mrs French used the old headteachers log books to put the information together.

2015-10-02 08.33.06 2015-10-02 08.33.18 2015-10-02 08.33.23

Catherine, Dan and Grace Parnell spent many hours sewing together this fantastic bunting. The whole school and staff have left their handprint for years to come.

2015-10-02 08.33.41

The week celebrations were brought to an end with our fabulous fete. We welcomed back students, teachers, parents old and new and had a wonderful day in the sunshine. The older pupils in the school had organised stalls for the fete which proved very popular and there were musical performances throughout the day. FODs supplied yummy cakes, cream teas and refreshments and there was face painting, an activity trail and a bouncy castle to keep the children entertained. The school also buried a time capsule in the bottom of the field. Inside they put: exercise books, award winning books, 2015 coins, stamps, school uniform, a map of the school, the diary of Nell, our celebration mug and bag and lots more..

Fete5 Fete6 2015-09-26 15.27.08 2015-09-26 14.51.50 2015-09-26 15.08.45 2015-09-26 14.54.05 2015-09-26 14.47.45 2015-09-26 15.39.40 2015-09-26 15.27.56 Fete4 Fete3 Fete2 Fete1

Sports Day 2015

A great day was had by all on Thursday 18th June 2015 as the school took to the playing field for this years sports day. It was a glorious day, probably the hottest day so far this year. The school was divided into our house teams and wearing their team colours they spent the morning rotating round different sporting activities on the field. This included: cross country, throwing relays, target throwing, obstacle courses, long jump and football dribbling. The year 6 children acted as team captains and supported the younger children and we were really impressed with their leadership skills. In the afternoon the children raced against their peers in an egg and spoon race, flat race, sack race and a bean and hoop race. Pre-school joined us for the afternoon running in their own races and we had a great turn out for the parents races. It was fantastic to have so many parents at the event supporting the school and the children. A big thank you to FODs for organising and running the BBQ at the end of the day. 2015-06-18 11.40.13-2 2015-06-18 11.42.58 2015-06-18 11.43.29 2015-06-18 11.49.11 2015-06-18 11.50.54 2015-06-18 11.57.39 2015-06-18 12.00.00 2015-06-18 12.05.48 2015-06-18 12.14.20 2015-06-18 12.21.09 2015-06-18 11.23.24 2015-06-18 11.23.41 2015-06-18 11.24.27 2015-06-18 11.30.16-1 2015-06-18 11.30.51 2015-06-18 11.32.07 2015-06-18 11.32.55 2015-06-18 11.33.49 2015-06-18 11.39.21 2015-06-18 11.20.23 2015-06-18 11.22.42 2015-06-18 11.39.15 2015-06-18 12.23.19