The Government have released a new National Curriculum which is to be implemented in September 2014. The National Curriculum provides pupils with an introduction to the essential knowledge that they need to become educated citizens. It introduces pupils to the best that has been thought and said; and helps engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement. The following links will take you to the different objectives outlined in the National curriculum.
Art and Design
Design and Technology

Across the school, teachers are following the maths scheme of work published by Rising Stars.


At Diptford we have introduced an Umbrella Narrative to our teaching sequences. This is an adventure story that the whole school are involved in. This involves them solving mysteries and  completing tasks, all linked to our curriculum objectives. This over arching scenario gives the children an added layer of need ensuring total engagement in the National Curriculum. Please click the link to see our topics for this academic year:

Overview Year B 2017

2017-2018 Learning Journeys:


See class pages for up to date Curriculum Maps.

Archived curriculum maps:

Class 1 Foundation & Year 1 Curriculum Map 2016-2017
Class 2 Year 2 and 3 Curriculum Map 2016-2017
Class 3 Years 5 and 6 Curriculum Map 2016-2017

Class 1 Autumn Learning Journey – Ourselves
Class 1 Spring Learning Journey – Dinosaurs
Class 1 Summer Learning Journey – Under The Sea

Class 2 Autumn Learning Journey – Traditional Tales
Class 2 Spring Learning Journey – King of the birds
Class 2 Summer Learning Journey – Stone Age to Iron Age

Class 3 Autumn 1 Learning Journey – The Vikings
Class 3 Autumn 2 Learning Journey – The Vikings
Class 3 Spring Learning Journey – Africa and The Ancient Kingdom of Benin
Class 3 Summer Learning Journey – Rivers
Class 3 Summer Learning Journey – Rivers (2)

Phonics teaching follows the ‘Letters and Sounds’ national strategy. The school uses Project X for teaching guided reading in school. Pupils take home colour banded books from a mixture of publishers all carefully linked to the relevant phonics phase. Once children become ‘free readers’ they take home both fiction and non-fiction books from our school library. Pupils who require additional support, may have 10-15 minute daily intervention sessions that follow the Precision Teaching strategy. Pupils who require help with their emotional health and well-being are well supported using a range of proven approaches by our class teachers and experienced teaching assistants.

If you wish to have further information about our school curriculum, please download a copy of our prospectus or contact the school. We will be happy to help!