Class 2 – Orienteering

This week Class 2 used the woods to put their orienteering skills to the test. The children have been learning different skills over the past term from correctly orientating a map to the ground to finding various checkpoints around a fairly challenging location. Every child worked incredibly hard  combining team work, physical activity, geography and maths as well as learning some important life skills.


Class 2 Forest School 

Class two had great fun in forest school and enjoyed exploring Stone Age art techniques using natural materials.  During ‘free play’ time, some of us created dams and even made water filters too.

Class 2’s Orienteering goes Cross-Curricular!

This week the children in class two were using lots of different skills in their PE lesson. They studied OS maps and then used similar symbols to create their own maps (GEOGRAPHY) of the school grounds. Conveniently, there were lots of stations located around the school, which involved using their mental (MATHS) and physical (PE) powers to workout… The children LOVED the tasks and learnt lots along the way!


Bird Feeders

Class 2 have been learning about ‘Animals, including Humans’ in science and have been studying ‘The King of the Birds’ in English. To support this learning we now have a bird box with a web cam in it, However we don’t have any guests yet! Class 2 decided that Diptford’s birds could do with some tempting treats to help encourage them to the bird box so have made some feeders.


In PE this term Class 2 are learning about the different skills required to read maps and orienteer themselves around different courses.


Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy’s art!


Class Two’s Tremendous Tag Rugby Efforts


The children from class two have continued practising their skills in tag rugby during their PE lessons. They have been progressing very well and have started to learn tactics of the game. Well done and keep up the hard work.

p1130809 p1130808 p1130800 capture

Class 2 2016/2017

Meet the teacher / chat to parents PowerPoint presentation from Monday 12th September.

Please click on the link below to download the presentation.


Class 2 Timetable for the Autumn Term


Class 2 Topic / Learning Journey for the First Half of the Autumn Term


Class Two Residential to Forest and Beach at Beeson we had a ‘FaB’ time!

Please click on the link below to view a PowerPoint including photos of our residential.

Forest and Beach residential class 2 may 2016

Forest School – Continuing construction of our iron age hut by making cob for the walls, bird-watching and making bird nests.

Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 190 Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 191 Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 192 Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 200 Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 202 Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 205 Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 206 Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 207 Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 209 Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 210

Role play / drama to help inspire our writing – Our cooperative bike wheels could only turn if we were able to name some of the features of letters we have been learning about.  Brain breaks like this help to motivate and inspire us!

Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 143 Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 144 Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 145 Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 146

Gardening Club in action

Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 183 Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 185 Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 186 Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 189

Thank you FODS (Friends of Diptford) for our new Maths Resources

Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 149

Design and Technology Workshops at KEVICC – Designing  hazard warning signs for our homes

Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 112 Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 122 Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 133 Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 134 Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 135 Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 141

Forest School in the sunshine – Look what we found in our environmental area

Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 098 Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 099 Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 100 Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 102 Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 106

Parliamentary Politics with Class Three

Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 072     Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 082

Yummy cakes go down well at our cake sale.

The money raised is for equipment for our reception class.

 Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 004 Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 011

Our New Maths and English Working Walls 

Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 002

Summer first half term 2016 Class 2 001

Class Two went to Paignton Zoo


IMG_1424 IMG_1438

IMG_1439 IMG_1444 IMG_1451IMG_1463


Orienteering in the sunshine, our first use of the field this Spring


Another ‘Rubbish Assembly’ to Celebrate the success of our actions!

IMG_1338 IMG_1345 IMG_1347 IMG_1369 IMG_1372 IMG_1375

Second Waste Audit – Weighing and measuring up the difference we have made.

IMG_1289 IMG_1290 IMG_1292 IMG_1297 IMG_1301 IMG_1302 IMG_1303 IMG_1306 IMG_1307 IMG_1308 IMG_1317

Year 3 and 4 Gymnastic Team


IMG_1274 IMG_1271 IMG_1270

World Book Day – Listening to stories, reading, reviewing and enjoying books.

IMG_1330 IMG_1333 IMG_1334 IMG_1335 IMG_1336

World Book Day Character Potatoes – Can you guess which book or character they represent?


Forest School Spring 2016 – Stone Age adventures

During our two forest school days this term we enjoyed; making five minute fires, grinding corn to make bread, making, cooking and eating nettle pudding, making axes, making stone age jewelry and moving a Stone Henge replica using stone age techniques.

IMG_1055[1]    IMG_1056[1]

IMG_1059[1] IMG_1060[1] IMG_1062[1] IMG_1072[1] IMG_1074[1] IMG_1088[1] IMG_1103[1] IMG_1111[1] IMG_1151[1] IMG_1165[1] IMG_1175[1] IMG_1187[1] IMG_1189[1]

Basketball fun with a ‘Pro’!

IMG_1020[1]   IMG_1032[1]

IMG_1035[1]    IMG_1034[1]

Our Class Trip to Living Coasts in Torquay – January 2016

To end our interesting topic based upon penguins and Antarctica, we all enjoyed a guided tour and workshop on our class visit to Living Coasts.


IMG_0823[1] IMG_0846[1] IMG_0858[1] IMG_0866[1] IMG_0869[1] IMG_0879[1] IMG_0885[1] IMG_0891[1] IMG_0894[1] IMG_0913[1] IMG_0916[1] IMG_0918[1] IMG_0920[1] IMG_0921[1] IMG_0922[1] IMG_0926[1] IMG_0932[1] IMG_0942[1] IMG_0943[1] IMG_0950[1] IMG_0958[1] IMG_0959[1] IMG_0961[1]

The 4Rs Waste Education Workshop with Alex Mack – We learnt about the 4Rs; reduce, reuse, recycle and recover.

IMG_0747[1] IMG_0752[1] IMG_0755[1]

Maths in Art – Measuring up to create our life sized penguins

IMG_0733[1] IMG_0735[1] IMG_0736[1] IMG_0741[1]

RE – Searching for religious signs and symbols in our local church

IMG_0706[1]   IMG_0688[1]   IMG_0686[1]

Dance Workshops with Sophie Harris from Attik Dance company – Exploring movements and shapes relating to time

IMG_0726[1]   IMG_0658[1]

IMG_0662[1] IMG_0675[1] IMG_0665[1]

Spring Term Topic  – Penguins and Antarctica

IMG_0568[1]   IMG_0571[1]   IMG_0577[1]

At the beginning of this term we received a parcel and letter from Daniel Stone, here is a copy of the letter;

Dear Class 2,

I hope you all had a fantastic winter holiday. 

I’ve been on an amazing adventure to Antarctica this past month.  I went there on the trail of Agnes Dugger, but sadly she was nowhere to be seen. 

Whilst in Antarctica, I met some fascinating penguins.  I even brought one home with me to show with my family over Christmas.  Don’t worry, I’ll return him to his home when come home from my next adventure.

Please could you all look after him for me for the next four weeks?  It would be great if you and your teachers could find out more about the penguin; where he lives, what he eats, what kinds of other animals live in Antarctica and so on. 

I’m sure you  will all come up with some more interesting questions to explore .  Happy enquiring.  I’m looking forward to seeing the work you do on this.  I really enjoyed your other work, perhaps you could make another book, I thoroughly enjoyed the other two you wrote as a class.

Thanks again for the gift of Spring’s Child I absolutely loved it!

Best wishes

Daniel Stone

Christmas Craft Fun Thanks to FODs (Friends of Diptford)

IMG_0474[1] IMG_0477[1] IMG_0480[1] IMG_0492[1] IMG_0495[1] IMG_0497[1] IMG_0499[1]

Computing – Creating dancing snowmen using Scratch

IMG_0469[1]              IMG_0470[1]         IMG_0472[1]


Class Two Spring’s Child Innovated Text

Illustrating our class book – Spring’s Child

IMG_0465[2]     IMG_0466[1]     IMG_0468[1]

Class 2’s Rubbish Assembly

We shared the findings of the waste audit we conducted with Alex Mack on 5th November with the whole school.  We shared the key action points we need to work on to increase the amount of waste we recycle and reduce the amount of waste we send to the energy from waste plant in our general rubbish bins.

IMG_0416[1] IMG_0426[1] IMG_0434[1] IMG_0435[1] IMG_0442[1] IMG_0444[1]

Meeting some amazing owls

IMG_0370[1]  IMG_0376[1] IMG_0383[1]

High 5 Netball Success for Year 3 and 4

High 5 netball yr 3-4 Nov 15 A Team. (1)       High 5 netball yr 3-4 Nov 15 B Team.     High 5 netball yr3-4 Nov 15 A Team...

Maths in Action!

IMG_0406[1] IMG_0407[1] IMG_0408[1]


IMG_0238[1] IMG_0250[1] IMG_0321[1] IMG_0323[1]

Snow much fun!

We had so much fun making 3D Snowflakes in our co-operative teams.

We used the snowflakes to decorate our winter themed classroom.

IMG_0268[1] IMG_0269[1] IMG_0272[1] IMG_0274[1] IMG_0277[1] IMG_0278[1]

Winter’s Child – Our Winter themed text

IMG_0217[1]         IMG_0243[1]

What a load of rubbish! – Class Two conducted a Waste Audit with Alex Mack

With support from Alex Mack from Resource Futures, we learnt about what happens to our rubbish and the importance of the ‘Three R’s’ when thinking about the our rubbish; Reduce, reuse and recycle.

We weighed rubbish from one whole day at our school, sorted it into different categories and used our findings to create an action plan of things we can do to reduce the amount of waste we create in school. The final result was that we are currently recycling 51% of our rubbish which is great, but we can do even more to improve this.

DSC00464  DSC00465  DSC00482 DSC00472       DSC00476 DSC00477 DSC00478 DSC00481

Class Two’s Haka

Click on the link below to download our class Haka video, please be patient it may take a minute or two to download.


Marvellous Maths – Cracking column addition


Science – Exploring Electrical Circuits

044 037 038 039 040 042 043 035 036 041

‘How to be a…’

Class 2 chose to be many different characters and wrote instructional poems based upon their chosen characters.  We used the poem ‘How to be a Pirate’ by David Harmer to inspire our own invented poems.


Forest School Team Challenges

 Copy of IMG_3714 

   Copy of IMG_3716 Copy of IMG_3730     Copy of IMG_3723

Forest School Fun!

007 039 051 053 055 067 104 107

Puppies come to visit Class 2

014 015

‘Victorian Day’

linked to our 150th Anniversary Celebrations


‘How to be a Pirate’

Pirate themed dressing up to get us all in the mood for some pirate themed poetry.


Autumn Term 2015

See our exciting plans here: Topic web for How to be a Pirate

Spring Term

Have a look at what we are learning about in Class 2.

The Paperbag Prince

These are some photos of us doing gymnastics this week. We have been working on routines for 2 weeks and I have videoed their routines for us to look at in next week’s lesson. This week we worked on pointed toes and making ourselves look like gymnasts with straight arms and legs and holding balances for 3 seconds. Teamwork and independent work as a group has also been a big focus in these lessons and all of the children have really tried and succeed in achieving these things, which is fantastic to see.

 IMG_0171 IMG_0173 IMG_0174 IMG_0176 IMG_0177

This is us this week doing Forest School with Josie. The children identified different types of lichen using a key and pictures and made a record of how many they found. We also measured tress by looking through our legs and measuring the distance form where we were standing and Jude also informed us that the red bug was indeed a red velvet mite.

IMG_0170IMG_0159 IMG_0160 IMG_0161